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Back to Basics: The Origins and Benefits of Organic Skincare, Health & Wellness

  • We recommend that you don’t just click, but rather than just clicking on the button or link, you should right-click – that is, click with the right mouse button instead of the normal left button. (Mac users shift+click instead). This will bring up a popup menu which will give you options to download and save your E-Book.


    Don’t worry if your menu looks a little different – it varies, depending on the internet browser you’re using, and possibly on other software you have installed. The thing to look for is “Save, Save As etc." or similar terminology.


    If you know the folder that you want to keep your e-book in, then simply navigate there and press Save. If you’re not sure where to put the ebook, I recommend your My Documents folder, or perhaps the Downloads folder as shown above.


    In most browsers, you’ll then get some kind of completion message or dialog box. At this point, you can click on Open, and your PDF reader will open and display your ebook on screen.