DAPPER All Natural Face + Beard Wash is 100% organic and free of chemicals and harsh preservatives.


Every Solo Noir man is always on a mission to impress, and that’s why they always have to exude a level of radiance which is very irresistible and totally unmatched. Their absolutely unique charismatic qualities make them the center of attraction amongst their counterparts.


“DAPPER” All Natural Face + Beard Wash offers an excellent 2 in 1 formula as a facial cleanser and toner with its wonderful exfoliator and toning properties made from five (5) 100% organic ingredients which include Black Willow Bark to prevent acne and antiseptic skin cleansing, Aloe Vera to slow down the aging process, Chamomile to soothe and moisturize the skin, and Witch Hazel to prevent the wrinkling effect of UltraViolet A rays (UVA) along with its anti-inflammatory properties.


Using this special face wash daily regularly helps to remove dirt and exfoliate dead skin from your beard and face leaving it ready to shave without removing natural facial oils found on the skin to sustain that uniform tone and complexion for men of all skin types and ensure a smoother, cleaner and healthier skin.


Size: 4oz – 120ml

*Product Shelf Life: Two Years Unopened One Year Open*

Solo Noir “DAPPER” All Natural Face + Beard Wash {Absolutely Unique}


    With male grooming on the rise, men everywhere are searching for the perfect grooming system. Solo Noir is a creative and distinct blend of products that offer cutting-edge technologies that unify organic and all-natural ingredients.


    Our mission is to provide men with a grooming system that offers simplicity in each bottle, with our 2-in-1 facial and shaving products.

    Solo Noir is defining men’s swagger every step of their way.  Solo Noir’s uniquely formulated system brings out the Dapper, Refined, Smooth, Sleek and Brave characteristics in our customers. These “definitions in a bottle” are allowing men to discover the benefits of maintaining ones appearance.


    Solo Noir addresses common men issues: skin imperfections, blemishes, ingrown hairs and dry skin. Solo Noir grooming products restore skin elasticity, moisturize, protect and promote smooth and healthy skin in all men.