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Gold Lotus is a woman-owned and operated business that was started because we had a vision to establish a company that would globally supply much needed skin care products especially in these dire times where body care products are laden with toxic chemical ingredients.


It is alarmingly disturbing to us how fragrance and skincare companies try to persuade the consumers to use synthetic, toxic formulas that are not only physically damaging but also extremely expensive. The cosmetic manufacturers are uninterested and/or not willing to go the extra mile to sell products whose ingredients work with the natural and at times complex systems of our skin.

Frustrated with the steady increases of human tragedy caused by prolonged illnesses and diseases due to exposure of synthetics (synthetics are horrifying as they are fast acting and highly invasive) which we have viewed thru various media channels, drove us to create a company ubiquitous to the needs of the world.

Gold Lotus is committed to being a socially responsible company that makes a difference by leaving a positive, lasting impact upon communities worldwide. The “Feel Good” factor of having being able to get these items into the hands of those whom demand the best of the products they use on their bodies just makes it all the more worthwhile and gratifying.

Here at Gold Lotus we not only respect diversity but also take extreme pride in being an ethical, astute and respectful business who values innovation and creativity. We constantly strive to embed our principles and practices into every facet of our business so that the end results are balanced, progressive cohesive communities.

Above all, we’re excited about the future and are committed to making positive contributions – today and tomorrow – that will benefit the world in which we live and future generations alike.

We are incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Gold Lotus is yet to come.

When it’s all said and done, we are all connected: From One Comes Many!


Gold Lotus’s mission is to become the highly preferred, recognized leader in its targeted market for top fragrances and skincare, offering the convenience of select brands, a great shopping experience and superb customer service that helps create lifelong customer relationships.


We are committed to stay small and unique, maintaining our sustainability without compromising quality.

We Stand for our Values.

Quality, Sustainability and Fair Trade, Self-Expression, Community Building, Against Animal Cruelty.

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